Dan Freedman

The idea behind the books was a very simple one: I wanted to write the kind of books that I would have loved to have read when I was younger.

That meant lots of drama, fast-paced action and, of course lots of football.

The other ingredient was to share and tap into the unique experiences that I was lucky enough to have when I was working in football. Having met the top players and managers in the game, I wanted to use those special ingredients in the books.

The only thing that I needed was a story…A character. That’s where Jamie Johnson came in. Jamie is boy who lives and breathes football. He’s got amazing talent and the desire to make it to the top.

He’s not perfect, but then none of us are. Remember, I said I wanted my books to be realistic not fantasy.

So Jamie is a mixture of all those great footballers that I have met. Players like Ronaldo, Rooney, Gerrard, Giggs and Messi. I've been lucky enough to work with all of these players and you can find a bit of all of them in Jamie Johnson...

We meet Jamie when he’s 13 in The Kick Off and, in each new book, we follow him on every step of his journey as he aims to fulfil his dream of becoming one of the biggest football stars in the world.

The order of the books is:

1)       The Kick Off

2)       Shoot to Win

3)       Golden Goal

4)       Man of the Match

5)       World Class

However, they are all written to also allow them to be read as standalone stories in their own right.

The Kick Off


The start of Jamie Johnson's football career. He's got so much to prove, The pressure's on, but has Jamie got what it takes?

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Golden Goal


There's a massive buzz around Jamie Johnson. His dreams of becoming a professional footballer seem to be coming true. But, just when he seems close to living the dream, a shocking event turns his world upside down...

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Shoot to Win


Jamie's got everything to play for  – scouts from top clubs are coming to watch him play! This is his big chance and he can't wait to show off his latest move but the new coach is bearing a grudge...Has Jamie missed his chance?

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Man of the Match


Jamie Johnson is fast becoming the most popular player in the country. He's playing the best football of his career for his beloved Hawkstone. But life at the top of the league isn't as easy as it seems..And Hawkstone are about to sign a new winger...

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Born to Play

(isbn: 0956287778)

This is a special story about Jamie when he was 11. It’s inspired by something that happened to Wayne Rooney when he was the same age. It’s a prequel to the other books and a great introduction to the series.

As this book was written specifically for World Book Day, it is not available in the shops. However, I do have copies and bring them with me when I make school visits….

“Captures the raw realism of the professional game without losing sight of the magic that keeps us in thrall to football”
Kevin McCarra
Football Correspondent
The Guardian

'Drama you can't beat'
Sunday Express

'A must for junior football fans'
The Observer

'He's writing every reader's fantasy’

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A video explaining how Wayne Rooney inspired Born to Play

I try to include a cool footy skill in every book, but it takes time to get it right!

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Work in progress. One of my early drafts – with lots of editor’s comments!

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If you would like signed copies of any of Dan’s books, please contact:

The Bookworm

1177 Finchley Road

London NW11 0AA

0208 201 9311


Introducing Jamie Johnson…


World Class

(isbn: 1407120972)

It's the big one! The World Cup Finals beckon for Jamie Johnson but first he must answer a huge question: Which country will he play for? With brand new characters and more jaw-dropping footy action, Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson return on very top form.

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Final Whistle

(isbn: 978-1407111445)

This was the team of teams. The club of clubs. And now they wanted him to join them."

A transfer to the best club in the world beckons for Jamie Johnson. This is big. This is huge! However, a time bomb is already ticking within Jamie...Is the final whistle about to blow?